Capitals Development Camp, Day 4 - Red vs. White, Pt. 2

Recent free agent signing, Swedish center Mattias Sjogren.
Garrett Mitchell, moments before scoring on Brandon Anderson.

We finally made it back to Kettler and Capitals Development Camp for Day 4, where Team Red and Team White played their 2nd scrimmage in as many days. Unlike Wednesday's scrimmage, where the Red team was victorious (final score: 4-2), today's scrimmage ended up tied and was decided in a shootout, with Garrett Mitchell scoring the only goal and leading the White team to a 4-3 win. In addition to scoring the shootout winner, Mitchell also added a goal in regulation, as well as a fight with free agent invitee Scott Wietecha (who fought twice today). Other goals for Team White came from  David Civitarese and Danick Paquette, while Team Red got goals from Travis Boyd (2) and Reid Edmondson.

Tomorrow there are more practices, with the final scrimmage taking place on Saturday.

Some very general player observations:
⊳ T.J. Syner is fast. His serious wheels allow him to scoot around all the other players... who are often quite a bit taller than the 5 foot 9 inch Syner.
⊳ Mattias Sjogren also can get moving, as can Brett Flemming.
⊳ Stanislav Galiev is tall, but thin. He seems to be having a lot of fun on the ice, even though he didn't end up scoring today (and his shootout attempt was blocked by a nice poke check by Philipp Grubauer).
⊳ Orlov will be very fun to watch. He played physical, can handle the puck, has a big shot, and isn't exactly slow either. I can't wait to see him get some NHL action.

Today we decided to take our photos from between the benches instead of through the glass, and I have to say it was an amazing experience (I've never been between the benches for a game before). Check out some of our photos below, and the rest of the them here. Also, watch Bruce Boudreau, Cody Eakin, Stanislav Galiev, Pat Mullane, and Garrett Mitchell talk to the media. Finally, don't forget to check out are special Capitals Development Camp blog here.

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