Predictions: Stanley Cup Finals / Conn Smythe Trophy

The Canucks practice in preparation for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. (Getty Images)
Stanley Cup: Boston Bruins in 7
I figured I would go against the common pick, just because I wanted to. Honestly, I can see that in pretty much every aspect of the game, the Canucks are simply better than the Bruins. Their powerplay, offense, and defense were all top in the NHL for the regular season. But, Tim Thomas has simply blown me away all season. He has been solid, making amazing save after save, and will likely (and deservedly) win the Vezina Trophy this season (his 2nd Vezina) as top goalie in the NHL. His playoff performance has not disappointed either. Simply put, I think Tim Thomas can match the Canucks potent offense, and the Bruins (who aren't exactly bad at scoring themselves) will manage to pierce Luongo enough to win the series. The Canucks and Bruins played once this season; a 3-1 Bruins win. Tim Thomas had 27 saves on 28 shots...
Conn Smythe Trophy: Tim Thomas, G
If the Bruins are going to win a Cup they will have to give Tim Thomas a lot of the credit. His stellar play is the only way Boston can hope to stop the Canucks, and I think that he will be up to the task. What a story this guy's career will be if he wins.

Stanley Cup: Vancouver Canucks in 6
This series is an extremely difficult one to pick. Both the Bruins and the Canucks have great goalies and play superb defense. I believe that the trials that Vancouver has gone through will allow them to lift the cup for the first time in team history in 6 games. They are more skilled, have a much deeper roster, and the best special teams in the league. They have proven throughout the season that they are the best and will do so one more time. Even if the stars do not shine brightly, they have enough talent in the line up to pull them through. However, I still think that it will be a hard fought series.
Conn Smythe Trophy: Ryan Kesler, C
I believe that Boston's defense will be able to shut down the Sedins like the Predators did. Just as before, Ryan Kesler will put the team on his back and carry them to the cup earning the right to lift the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Stanley Cup: Vancouver Canucks in 6
Tim Thomas is the primary reason why the Bruins are so fortunate to be 4 wins away from their first Stanley Cup in nearly 40 years. Yet, if Boston's power play unit does not pick up steam before its too late, the Canucks will easily pulverize Boston's struggling special teams unit. The Stanley Cup Finals will be fought with great zeal, while some players will shine, and others will underachieve, yet one team has to take home Lord Stanley's Cup.
Conn Smythe Trophy: Ryan Kesler, C
Without a doubt, Ryan Kesler has preformed exceedingly well in clutch situations during the post-season, which has brought him swarms of media attention. He will definitely be a very potent and dangerous player in the Stanley Cup Finals and will rightfully win the Conn Smythe Trophy.

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