Flyers considering giving Stamkos an offer sheet?

What would Stamkos look like wearing Flyers orange? (Getty Images)
So, looks like the Philadelphia Flyers may decide to offer sheet Steven Stamkos. I congratulate them on a very good move. Steven Stamkos, the 1st overall pick in the 2008 draft, will likely be making $115 million over the next 12 seasons, but whether it is with the Philadelphia Flyers or the Tampa Bay Lightning will remain to be seen.

By my basic understanding of NHL offer sheets, there are now two things that can happen; either Steve Yzerman and the Tampa Bay Lightning organization decide to match the Flyers' offer sheet (and locking up Steven Stamkos to a $9,583,333 cap hit until he is 33 years old, or the Bolts decide that Stamkos isn't worth that much (I think he is) and allow him to sign with the Flyers, receiving the Flyers' next four first round picks as compensation. No way Tampa Bay gives up Stamkos for four (probably late) first round picks. In the off chance that, somehow, the Bolts give up Stamkos, the Flyers will have completed perhaps the fastest "rebuild" ever, even though it's really only of their goaltending and forward lines. While I think Stamkos' performance might be slightly negatively impacted due to not having Martin St. Louis to play with, it shouldn't be too bad.

Assuming that the offer sheet is given tomorrow, I think Tampa Bay has a week or so to respond. However, no indication has been given that the Flyers are doing anything but just considering giving an offer sheet. I really hope they choose to do it.

Regardless, now it's time for someone to make a move on to Drew Doughty… because offer sheets are entertaining!

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